Client: BMS Special Risk Services

BMS is a group of specialist businesses, headquartered in London, which together comprise the world's premier independent reinsurance and risk solutions intermediary. It is renowned for creating solutions to complex risk issues. Its member companies are market leaders in each of their specialist sectors and together provide services to clients in more than 60 countries.

BMS asked the Festival Circus to provide an event for a group of executives to experience a varied series of circus activities at first-hand. The brief was that these must include an element of risk, and we provided an exclusive and unique opportunity that created a memorable and rewarding event, at a location close to central London.

Delegates chose and were assigned groups that would try various activities which included:

Russian Swing; a type of giant swing, from which an acrobat is launched into the air to land in a safety net. Delegates worked with a troupe of acrobats, were shown how to 'fly' and land safely.

Trapeze: the group was shown and then tried various trapeze moves on the solo trapeze, using safety harnesses and a height-controlled trapeze for safety.

Teeterboard: the Teeterboard is a type of see-saw. The candidate stands at one end, troupe members jump on the other to catapult them through the air to be caught.

A series of workshops continued throughout the day, providing continuous skills-based activities for the whole period.

Refreshments were provided at suitable intervals, and at the conclusion of the activities, the delegates were given the opportunity to volunteer or to nominate a colleague to take part in the evening's public performance, with an exclusive Ringside box provided for delegates to watch and enjoy the show.