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A complete one-week package, with a real circus Big Top set-up on your playing field!

Starting with an inspiring circus performance to motivate students and create excitement throughout the school, we then offer every student a hands-on opportunity to learn self-motivating circus skills in a structured programme of circus workshops, culminating in a Big Top circus performance on the final day.

Monday morning starts with an assembly performance by our teachers and performers in your assembly hall. During the afternoon we then set-up our Big Top and make ready for the workshop sessions.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we can provide up to six 50-minute workshops of 40 participants each per day. A minimum of 2 of those workshops go forward to the group of up to 100 students, who will choose and develop their acts under the tutelage of circus experts and who will perform at the week's end.

Friday at noon is our target time for the students' performance, when the whole school, plus parents and guardians can enjoy a spectacular circus show that highlights real achievements from all participants.


Two world-class artists put on an amazing assembly performance, filled with cool circus skills, audience interaction and fun. This presentation will inspire students to enjoy cultural and performing arts in whole new way. Presenting circus skills from China, Russia, France, Mexico, England and the American Wild West, this programme is the perfect springboard for teaching opportunities in history, sociology, world civilisations, science, geography and cultural arts.

Assembly performances are between 45 minutes to 1 hour in length involving 2 (or more) performers. The school needs to provide a small sound system that will play CD's, and a gymnasium floor or stage on which to work. The performance content will vary depending on the age of the audience, and its easiest to group the audiences according to year groups. It's always a great benefit to students to start any workshop training programme with an assembly performance.


Students of all ages and abilities can enjoy the thrill of success through these exciting circus workshops. Age-appropriate and student-centred, these hands-on demonstrations invite discovery through non-competitive, non-contact activities, guaranteeing a successful experience with a positive outcome. Skills may include juggling, devil-stick and diabolo manipulation, plate spinning and more.


This program is excellent for students who have already had some basic circus experience and are looking to expand their repertoire. Also suitable for middle and upper-school ages, these workshops will challenge and motivate older students to 100% participation.

Workshops should be 30 - 50 minutes in length, with up to six sessions per day. They can, for example, fit neatly into a physical education class time-slot. There should be a maximum of 40 students in a workshop: this means that we can work with up 240 students per day and still have enough equipment to go around. Skills are taught based on age appropriate motor-skill guidelines and we can explain the educational rationale behind them. We can teach ages from little tots up to nursing home residents - from approximately 5 years, to 75 years old.

We have successfully created and carried out many educational programmes, most recently with:

The Scout Organisation at Ardingly, Charlcot Park, Gilwell Park and The World Scout Jamboree; for the Girlguiding UK Centenary; at The Westgate School, Winchester; The Burgate School, Fordingbridge; Downton School, Salisbury; Test Valley School, Stockbridge; The Pelham School, Bexleyheath; The Mountbatten School, Romsey.