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"The achievements of our pupils last year were mind-blowing and this must surely be thanks to the high quality teaching. Having the circus in residence is guaranteed to make a huge and lasting impact on the whole school - developing pupils' confidence, enriching the school environment with their special circus magic.

Having the Big Top appear on site - virtually overnight - is in itself a wonder to behold. From this initial flourish, participants are taken into the heart of the circus and for a week treated as circus professionals. They are taken expertly through the complete process of creating a circus performance from scratch, and discover that they too can develop amazing skills.

As well as teaching individual skills in a wide range of circus skills including juggling, trapeze, unicycle and clowning, the Festival Circus promotes core virtues of practice, team work, initiative and personal discipline - everything, in fact, that is needed to become a successful life-long learner.

The Festival Circus surprises pupils about their own hidden talents! It provides living proof that learning is at it's best when it is serious fun!"

Paul Mills, Head of Drama at The Westgate School

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